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A small, progressive publishing house located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and founded in 1982 by Penny Goldsmith, its current owner. We publish poetry, literature, broadsides, and chapbooks. We also publish the Discussions series — a forum for provocative and challenging essays and speeches which address current issues of interest and concern.size>

Lazara Press is committed to publishing, keeping in print and distributing works that might not otherwise be available.

       “Our book is found to be a drug; no man needs it or heeds it.
       In the space of a year our publisher has disposed of but two copies,
       and by what painful efforts he succeeded in getting rid of these two,
       himself only knows.”

              – Charlotte Bronte, 1847


Globe and Mail discovers Helen Potrebenko’s Taxi as a “Buried Treasure”. To order the book, click on the “ordering information” button on the right. And check out Helen’s blog.


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