When Activism Stops: For Jannit Rabinovitch,
Social Activist Extraordinaire

Lauri Nerman

nerman_smallBroadside, 5×8, folded. $5.00

“Dying is not on an activist’s agenda,
the act of surrendering, acceptance
giving up
for the unknown”

Jannit Rabinovitch, a long-time community activist, died in January of 2007 of cancer. She was a co-founder of PEERS (Prostitute Empowerment Education and Resource Society) and brought women escaping violence and homelessness together to build Sandi Merriman House.

Lauri Nerman read this poem at Jannit’s memorial service. At the request of Jannit’s family, and with the permission of the author, all proceeds from the sale of the poem will go to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In April 2007 The Globe and Mail published an obituary of Jannit’s life and achievements.

The End of the Nuclear Family
Carel Moiseiwitsch

end-family-poster-thumbOriginally published by Press Gang Publishers.
Poster; 17×22; $10.00

TO SEE MORE OF MOISEIWITSCH’s work go to her web site

Class Consciousness
Pat Smith

classconsciousness-poster-thumbPoster; 17×22, full colour; $10.00. Originally published by Press Gang Publishers.

Poster reads: “Class consciousness is knowing which side of the fence you are on. Class analysis is figuring out who is there with you.”

Wonder Woman
Carel Moiseiwitsch

Poster. wonder-woman-poster-thumbOriginally published by Press Gang Publishers. 17×22, b&w, $10.00

This poster was published as a fundraiser for Press Gang in the 1980s so they could publish a book of Carel Moiseiwitsch’s work (the book was never published).

TO SEE MORE OF MOISEIWITSCH’s work go to her web site

Jacqueline Oker


Oker is a Beaver Indian from Peterson Crossing, British Columbia.

“Remember” is a poignant and timely poem about growing up in a residential school, and about how white society is now encouraging her to reclaim her culture:

How can I,
I replied.

You pounded these sinful ways out of me


Illustration by Russell Teed
Designed by Elaine Littmann
8 1/2 x 14

The situation in which we are both amateurs
Susan Musgrave

situation-amateurs-Susan-Musgrave9 x 13 broadside
Designed and printed letter press by Glenn Goluska at imprimerie dromadaire

Bill Hoffer was both a controversial and respected dealer in
antiquarian books and Canadian modern first editions. He was also a good friend to many book people in Canada; poet
Susan Musgrave wrote this poem for Hoffer after visiting him shortly before his death in September 1997.

226 have been published, 200 of which are for sale.