Death in a Dumpster:
A Passion Play for the Homeless

Sheila Baxter

death-in-a-dumpster-thumb56 pp; 6×9
0-920999-09-3; $14.95

Danny, a young fisherman from Nova Scotia, found out that he was HIV positive and decided to hitchhike to Vancouver to find his mother who abandoned him as a child. The play unfolds as we see his life on the street in Vancouver, the community he finds there, and the events that lead up to his death.

“When a dumpster becomes a refuge, what is the meaning of life in the city? Death in a Dumpster will tell you. Poverty is only a word but it is very loaded with life, death, grief, family and denial. This play is about that word.”

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Sheila Baxter became involved in the anti-poverty movement in Montreal forty years ago and has been active in Vancouver’s downtown eastside and west end for the past twenty-five years. She is a street poet, tutor and author of four groundbreaking books on poverty and homelessness, including Under the Viaduct, winner of the VanCity Book Prize. She is also the grandmother of eight.

The Oldest-Living
Pat Smith

the-oldest-living-thumb53 pp; $5.95, paper

“This play is about very modest people, with modest desires, who seem to know that contentment arises from gratitude and a sense of one’s identity, reinforced by memory and companionship.”
– Canadian Literature, #116, Spring 1988

“It is refreshing to read a play that, while showing the physical frailties of old age, emphasizes the humanity of the old.”
– BC Library Association Reviews