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Itema, the global supplier of textile machinery, spare parts suppliers and integrated solutions, is present in Asia living ITMACH 5-8 December with Heart Event in Ahmedabad. the company participates in ITMACH in Ahmedabad, since the feature provides the opportunity to present its innovations in weaving and most updated improvements to the Gujarat machine market. Gujarat is in fact one of the many great places in Asia linseed flax with many companies and the largest cotton creation in the nation. Through the technical perspective of weaving, Itema group illustrate seriously ITMACH customers the latest news and innovations implemented by the company. Around the part of air jet frame installation - which is the most subtle technique of weaving in the area - Itema released its features airjet style, the A9500-2 on the market during the ITMA 2019 the capital. The A9500-2, the next age group of A9500 and airjet Itema A9500p, passes over good luck has its forerunnersand shows more equipment increases, cost advantages and flax performance. The equipment of key innovations are: a New and optimized air system - the frame installation cycle is somewhat improved leading to a reaction system faster when facing the charge flows air and stress, thus ensuring reduced and reliability of the constitutional groan b the revised structure equipment to boost air aquarium potential making some excellent flax shows, even in the best chemical rates data transfer expansion nozzle bi-strength new emblem that ensures discovery of ideal frame and catching select by selection, reduced consumption of high airflow and superior material quality in continuing to maintain the frame perfectly directly from deb material the emblem new heald frames Skyframe, a surprising technical characteristic Itema lightweight aluminum and carbon dioxide and designed pa r Itemalab consistent with Lamiflex, thanks to the excellent lightness and strength, used to operate in the best possible data transfer speeds with compromising Trus tworthiness and level of resistance.

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