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Titan is equipped with the new Top notch 3500 gasoline covered dye sprayer. The first Titan sprayer equipped with PermaStroke technological innovation, the Top notch 3500 does not have any help, packaging or clutch to switch, and has been guaranteed by the manufacturer of the smooth pump for a very long time . In agreement with Titan, PermaStroke technological innovation ensures optimal overall performance, no matter the challenge, whether it is smaller suggestions or surface finishes that can be sheared. Maintenance is nominal only two operating elements, the inlet and outlet valves, which can be functional and could be modified using conventional instruments. The Top Notch 3500 retains less staining in the method, simplifying the washing method. The Top Notch 3500 incorporates a FlatLine pulsation damper designed to eliminate all pressure variations and the dead zone of the method, titan paint sprayer hose providing a constant pressure of over 200 to 3, over 200 PSI. In addition, the Sureflo thrust valve ensures that the sprayer is in the start-up phase each time it can be started, as well as rising and falling filtration that remains in homes. Operated by a Ford serp, the Top notch 3500 is standard with Best Airless Paint a Titan RX-Professional pistol, a TR1 pistol and a 50-manifold hose. The Titan Top Notch 3500 will come to your home. Utes. and in North America with equipment experts and companies provide marketing agents. For more information, go to titantool. org. .

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