Works by Leslie Hall Pinder

These titles were originally published by Lazara Press and are now available free on Leslie’s web site.

The Carriers of No: After the Land Claims Trial

“As lawyers we don’t have to take any responsibility to construct a world. We only have to destroy another’s construction. We say no. We are the civilized, comfortable, well-heeled carriers of no. We thrive on it. Other races die.” finds you Tickets in Portland, OR for Touche Amore, John Butler Trio, Dark Tranquility , English Beat at Tickets Portland in Aladdin Theatre, and Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Thirty-Five Stones

A prose poem in 35 verses published in 1982 with illustration by Claire Kujundzic

“There is something I want which words only veil. And all the possible words are like stones, stepping stones in a creek; some don’t lead to the the other side.”

Inside Out: First Nations on the Front Line
Theresa Tait, Wee’hal Lite

inside-out-thumb5 1/2 x 8 1/2; 14 pp, saddle-stitched chapbook. 1993
ISBN 0-920999-24-7, $3.50

“As Canada attempts to entrench self government into the constitution, aboriginal people within the work force in and outside the justice system will continue to face resistance within the institutions that serve … this is an acknowledgement of those who do the balancing act between two cultures.”

This essay takes a critical look at white bureaucracies that control services to aboriginal people.

Detained at Customs
Jane Rule

detained-at-customs-thumbISBN 0-920999-28-X; $4.50. 1995

“Whether I were testifying at this trial or not, my name would come up over and over again as that woman whose books are seized at the border, and I have no defence against it. And I bitterly resent the attempt to marginalize, trivialize and even criminalize what I have to say because I happen to be a lesbian, I happen to be a novelist, I happen to have bookstores and publishers who are dedicated to producing my work.”

Novelist Jane Rule’s powerful and moving testimony at the Little Sister’s trial is presented in its entirety.

Every Tool Shapes the Task:
Communities & the Information Highway

Ursula M. Franklin

every-tool-shapes-the-task-thumb5 1/2 x 8 1/2; 16 pp
saddle-stitched chapbook
ISBN 0-902999-30-1

“One does then have to look at another need for knowledge — that knowledge of why things do not get done that seem to be the appropriate, useful, honourable and decent thing to do … the real problem for any community group is to answer the question, what do you do … not about the gathering of knowledge, but rather about questions of structure and power and responsiblity.”

Dr. Ursula Franklin, a Quaker and a feminist, is particularly concerned about the social impact of technology as it affects issues of peace and justice. In this speech, she challenges community organizations working for social change to question whether the information highway is a road which willl really take them where they want to go.

Who is Equal?
The Passage of Nunavut’s First Human Rights Act

Jack Anawak

who-is-equal-1-thumb$5.00; ISBN 0-920999-07-7

“Where did we get the power to give rights and take away rights? When did we decide to set aside our time-honoured values and beliefs about the value and integrity of all people? In other words, what are we doing as members of our society supporting such non-democratic behaviour, judgments and attitude? If anything as leaders, we should be confronting this unacceptable way of thinking, loudly and clearly, and we should be busy re-affirming and protecting the rights of all.”

Jack Anawak, Canada’s current Ambassador for Circumpolar Affairs, gave an impassioned speech in the Nunavut legislature in 2003 arguing against members who wanted to take sexual orientation out of the new act. His speech (which is available in English and Inuktitut in this booklet) helped to precipitate the signing of Nunavut’s first human rights act and two years later, as the issue of same-sex marriage again hits the media during the current election campaign, his words continue to resonate.

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